Yuna Darkrayne is a canon character in both TSWCAtS roleplays and the book series, made by Jessica. She is also known as "The Thief of Eltalor".

Physical Description

Yuna by crazly-d6b85zo

Pretty gorgeous for a green elf thingie, isn't she?

Age: 17
Species: Siophra
Race: Probably Japanese.
Skin tone: Pastel green.  
Hair Color: Black.
Hairstyle: Long, stringy, greasy black.
   Facial Features-
Nose: Long.
Jaw: Narrow.
Cheekbones: High.
Color: Bright cyan blue, slightly glowing, almost like crystals.
Shape: Almond.
Height: 6'3
Weight: 152 lbs.
Accent: It used to be Irish, but it changed as soon as she became a princess. Sometimes she does use an Irish accent when she gets really mad, though.
Pitch: Deep and raspy.

Personal Information

Personality type: Tomboyish, playful, feisty, and somewhat childish at times. She doesn't take any crap and sometimes it's evident that she has anger issues.
Sexuality: Straight.
Do they play any sports? She plays a sport she made up herself. It's called Queen's Thief.
Do they play any instruments? Sing? She sings.
Are they artistically talented? Somewhat. She's not AMAZING, but she can draw scenery pretty well if she really tries.
Are they a Leader or a Follower? Leader.
Food: Sushi.
Drink: Coffee.
Animal: Tiger.
Color: Purple.
Type of Music: Whatever's on is fine as long as it's not a boy band or pop.
Genre of books: Adventure.
Place: The forest; particularly the one she grew up in.
Career: Princess, warrior (she has her own army!), though she used to be a thief.
Are they happy in their job? She's fine with it, but she knows she was born to be a thief, so she's rather upset that she quit that. Maybe she will become a thief once more sometime...
Do they have any serious hobbies? No, not really.
Who do they live with? Her stepsisters.
Are they married? Nope.
Do they have children? Nope.
Are they in a romantic relationship? Yes, with Rayne, her childhood friend who was a thief with her.
Is someone in love with them? Rayne is...
Do they know about the love? They're boyfriend and girlfriend. TAKE A GUESS.
What is their relationship with their parents like? She doesn't know them, but is in the process of finding them and the rest of her family.
Siblings?: She has a twin brother that she doesn't know about, and also a younger sister that she doesn't know about. She also has three stepsisters- Bella, Kere, and Sheena. She is the closest to Sheena, though.
Mother's name: Theresa
Father's name: Tairo
Siblings' names: Zynthe, Yuden, Bella, Kere, Sheena.
Do they have any pets? Yes.
Names and species: A winged, white cat named Sisi.
Childhood friends: Rayne, who is now her boyfriend, and Red Eyes, a girl that was a thief as well.
Were their parents ever divorced? Nope.
If so, how old was the character? N/A.
Was the character ever abused? More or less.
If so, by who? A royal guard named Olu.
What kind of abuse? Since Yuna stole something very valuable of his once, he got very angry at her, especially for the way she gloated about her crime. So, even though she was a kid when she did that, Olu really wanted to have her arrested, or at least in trouble for what she did. Sometimes, when Olu was on break, he'd practically stalk Yuna, trying to get her arrested despite orders from his captain, who was actually a friend of Yuna's, who desperately wanted her to stop thievery for this very reason.
How long did the abuse continue? For four years.
How was it stopped? It was stopped when Yuna was adopted by the queen, and made herself unrecognizeable so that nobody would be able to tell that it was her who was once The Thief. Most people thought that she had died, as rumors of it had been spread around, including Olu, who felt a lot of remorse for the way he had acted towards the girl when he heard that she had supposedly died of a strange disease.    
What was their relationship with Grandparents? She has no idea who they are.
Have they lost a Grandparent? All of them except for her maternal grandfather.
Aunt/Uncles? She has met one of her aunts, but even she had no idea where Yuna's mother and father are.


Does the character have any psychological disorders? She might have some level of ADHD.
Personality disorders? Nope.
Borderline personality disorders? Nope.
Eating disorders? Nope.
Do they self-injure in any way? If so, what method? She does not.
Why? N/A
Do they have any addictions? No.
Religious beliefs-
What religion does the character identify with? It's similar to Greek mythology.
How does the character practice this faith? She doesn't, really.
When did they find their faith? Were they born into it? She once saw a couple of faeries that were extremely different from the faeries she was used to hearing about. It wasn't until later that she realized they were goddesses.
Does their faith cause any problems? Nope.
Are they ever persecuted? Nope.

Any Other Notes

Yuna was abandoned in the woods as an infant. She became a thief when she turned 10 when she made a friend named Rayne who happened to be a thief, and she thought extremely high of herself and often gloated in other thieves' faces. She was a very good thief, but gloating so much often got her into trouble. She went by The Thief, as she was not just any old thief, but she was THE ultimate thief. When she was 14, she went on a scheme with her friends to steal a visiting queen's crown. Nobody had ever broken into the castle she was staying in before, and she was determined to be the first. She got past all of the guards, and nearly succeeded, but one problem- the queen was in the room with the crown when they walked in.
The queen, however, took pity on the young thieves. While looking at a wanted poster with the royal guards, who were her escorts to the country, she had heard from the captain that those particular thieves were much nicer than they seemed and far too young to have to live such rough lives.
She particularly took pity on Yuna, who she knew had never had a choice to become a thief. So the queen did something that even shocked herself- she adopted Yuna, making her the princess.

Yuna, Rayne and Red Eyes all came to the queen's country for the coronation. It was a very eventful day. Yuna and Rayne kissed that day, Red Eyes met up with her parents and decided she was going to live with them once again, and Rayne got recruited to be a pirate. The queen also gave Rayne a cottage in the woods for him to stay hidden in, and gave Red Eyes's parents money to fix their barn up.

Yuna and her friends stayed in touch, even though they were technically going separate ways. They were definitely best friends forever.

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