Physical Description

- Age 14 - 25

-Rainbow colored hair, blue hoodie & black sweatpants

-Always looking tired, sometimes engulfed with fire


Tretjk was born in Opal, Ofeilia. She had very strange magical properties, mainly focusing on fire. She was orphaned at a very young age, due to the uncontrollable fire magic properties, she had started a fire, killing her parents, and may have even set several other houses on fire, as well. She taught her self to barely contain her fire magic, even though everywhere she went, she marked the floor with ashes. She was later taken into the orphanage, where she accidentally burned it down, but killed no-one in the process. (this may or may not be canon) . Later in life, she was taken under the wing of an old professor. He taught Tretjk many things, and gave her several books. One day, the professor broke an oil lamp, and the house came into flames, successfully killing him. Believing that this was her fault, Tretjk lived the rest of her life as a hermit for self punishment, believing the killing of her father - like figure to her own fault.


Tretjk, upon first inspection, is a quiet girl who lives alone in a broken cabin in the middle of the woods. Al though this is accurate to who she is, this is not all to her. She can be quite fierce, although that is very rare.