Thesda and Tirza are conjoined twin Tigress, with the coloring of a Siamese cat. They are two identical heads that share a single body. They have blue eyes, long straight black hair with straight across bangs, and the only noticeable difference between them is that Thesda wears purple eyeshadow. They wear no clothes, even though it is never explained why...

They are the daughters of the ruler of the Tigress, but they seem to have chose to live a normal life and moved into a cave with a tribe in the forest.

Even so, they're still extremely used to people practically worshiping them, so they act rather over-the-top. They see most everyone else as worth no more than dirt compared to them. For example, if they feel the need to talk bad about someone they don't necessarily hate, they don't even bother to leave the room. They simply speak to each other in front of said person, as if they aren't even there. They also tend to take everything very seriously and literally. If someone were to idly flirt with them, they would be very likely to take that as a "confession of their true feelings" and accept them. They also speak in very monotonous, generally emotionless voices, and have a very large vocabulary that often confuses everyone. 

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