The Octopi are crack characters made specifically to "troll" users in cliche, edgy, and/or just plain stupid roleplay games on ROBLOX, such as Darkened Dawn, Dying Moon (or any other wolf roleplay), Eternal Moon, ROBLOX High School , and any Warrior Cats roleplay games. There are six octopi so far, each of them having very distinct but very simple personalities - Creepy Octopus , Fabulous Octopus, Classy "Fancy" Octopus, Glamorous Octopus, Kooky Octopus, and Spoopy Octopus. There is also a version of them fused as one entity called Gunslinger Octopus, which is partially a parody of Steven Universe fusions and Dragon Ball Z Kai fusions.

They make fun of basically every character in said roleplay games they find and generally ceaselessly flirt with them until the roleplayer either gets so goaded that they leave the game or gives in.

Oh, by the way, they're not actually octopi, they just have funny names. :^)