The Temple of Phantasia, also called "Temple of the Higher Fairies", was made by Proxy right before personal servers were removed from ROBLOX as a sort of a gift for the TSWCAtS roleplayers for sticking around for so long and being good friends. Inside this temple are nine pedestals surrounding a much larger pedestal. On top of each pedestal is a glowing fairy that represents each person. The color of the fairy depends on the person's favorite color, or otherwise a color that suits something about their personality. The large orb in the center represents not only TSWCAtS, but all of the fantasies, creativity, and worlds that all of the roleplayers have helped create together.

Temple of Phantasia1

Front view of the temple.

Temple of Phantasia2

Top view of the temple.

Temple of Phantasia3

Interior of the temple.

Temple of Phantasia4

From left to right: Prime, PLP, Leo (has since been removed)

Temple of Phantasia5

Mark, Jess, Meep

Temple of Phantasia6

Zebra, Undead, and Sophia.

Temple of Phantasia7

Temple doorway.

Temple of Phantasia8

Temple back view.