These are the rules that are set in place for the TSWCAtS roleplays that take place on ROBLOX (written out by Proxy). This page takes precedence over the previous lists of roleplay rules posted to the ROBLOX forum that were created.

Let the pretentiousness begin

Read these rules thoroughly before joining any of the TSWCAtS games. Obey the spirit of the rules; do not try to circumvent them with technicalities. If we tell you that what you are doing is against the rules, then it is against the rules. Generally, we'll give you warnings for your first two infractions, and then ban you on your third if you continue to break the rules - however this may vary given the severity of the violation. We also may temporarily kick you if you violate a rule.

Please just don't be an idiot, mmmkay?

  1. Treat the creators with respect. Listen to what we have to say. Please be polite if we call you out on breaking the rules or lore. We don't mean to stifle your creativity, but TSWCAtS does have a set-in-stone lore. Don't try to guilt-trip us, snap at us, or otherwise goad us into making an exception. If you would like to be unbanned, ask nicely, but do not persist if we decline as this will only lessen your chances.
  2. No godmodding. You have you ask the roleplayer(s) in question before killing off their character(s). You can't roleplay as a deity unless told otherwise, nor can your character have deity-like powers. Your character can't be a demon, either, or any other deity-like entity. Ask us before you roleplay as a member of royalty or a royal guard.
  3. Extremely detailed gore isn't allowed. Describing wounds and blood is fine, but please be realistic and tasteful. Try not to be overly descriptive about anything that could be considered off-putting or disgusting. This can be a gray area, so please ask me if you're in doubt. Some people are more squeamish than others - please try to respect that.
    1. This also applies to things such as horrific descriptions of bugs, disturbing monsters, trypophobic/shock-value imagery, etc. General rule of thumb is if someone in the server is severely disturbed by your narrative, you should stop and apologize rather than argue about it.
  4. If your character is involved with the war, they have to be in an existing faction. You must pick a faction if your character is involved in the war. They can't be the "mysterious lone wolf" who does what they want and has a perfect plan to win the war on their own. Your character can be completely uninvolved in the war, but if they are in ANY WAY affiliated with it, they must be in a pre-existing faction.
  5. You can't invent your own faction or be the leader of a faction without my permission. Please ask me first before you roleplay as a character with any kind of high rank or important role in a faction.
  6. Your character can't singlehandedly take down any factions in a roleplay.
  7. If your character is going to randomly attack someone else's character, let them respond first. Your character doesn't automatically strike them. You must wait for the other roleplayer to say whether their character dodged or countered their attack.
    1. Consider using dice to decide this if caught in a disagreement.
  8. Nothing sexually explicit is allowed. For the love of god, don't do erotica roleplays in TSWCAtS. That's not what roleplaying should be about. You can have loads of fun without ever once going there, and if you think otherwise, then you probably shouldn't join our group.
  9. Stick to the lore. PLEASE. Stick to the lore. This is a medieval-fantasy-themed game. Creative license is certainly welcome, but the amount of people who have tried to circumvent this rule ("MY CHARACTER IS FROM A DIFFERENT PLANET AND THAT'S THE SAME THING AS BEING LORE-FRIENDLY!!!!!!") is extremely depressing and we are fed up with it. Please do not try to come up with excuses to start roleplaying as a character who jarringly obviously belongs in an entirely different genre and lore. If you want a sci-fi roleplay, go to a sci-fi game. It'll be easier for both of us.
    1. The lore for TSWCAtS is certainly a bit strange and definitely not historically accurate, so we understand that this can be a bit of a gray area. When in doubt, ask the creators, or try asking yourself - "Would it work in a Disney Princess movie?"
    2. Steampunk technology can sometimes be justified, but not always. Magic should usually have something to do with this sort of invention. Please ask me if you're unsure.
    3. Characters that feel as if they "don't belong" and feel "out of place" about living in a world with magic are generally frowned upon as they often act as a device to guilttrip us into changing the lore to suit the roleplayer's interests. This trope can be executed properly but I advise against it.
  10. Try not to be exclusive. If more than one person is in a faction/clan/anything of that ilk, please do not stay at your base/workshop/whatever for most of the roleplay. Especially if the roleplay seems to be slow for everyone else, try not to make really detailed war plans that only a few people in the server understand.
  11. Conversely, you have to make an effort to include yourself. There is a fine line between being excluded and excluding yourself. You have to actively interact with the rest of the roleplayers. You don't have the right to complain if your character is standing around in the background, doing absolutely nothing and making no effort to do anything, while the rest of the characters interact. Just like how others must make an effort to include your character, you must make an effort to include yourself.
  12. Don't copy other roleplayers' characters. Inspiration is fine, but the line has been crossed when someone feels that their original work was plagiarized.
  13. Please don't start drama in the middle of a roleplay. If you have a problem with someone or something, either take it to private messages or come to me. Don't disturb the flow of the roleplay unless it's a serious offense that needs to be taken care of right away.
  14. Please try to be at least a little bit realistic. If your character does something insanely stupid, like pulling some kind of insane stunt that would obviously get them killed in real life, then, yeah, they'll die. This especially applies to characters who don't use magic. You will get a sort of "penalty" and will have to kill off your character without bringing them back for an amount of time we'll give you, depending on how stupid the thing you tried to pull off was.
    1. For the love of god, don't be this chick.
  15. Randomly killing other characters isn't allowed. If your character attempts to randomly kill another person's character, then the other roleplayer can retaliate and kill off the character that tried to murder them in the first place. I have no problem with this as it's godmodding to just expect your "serial killer" character to be able to just kill everyone in sight and get off scot-free.
  16. Please read all of the descriptions of the factions and ask any questions about the war before you make your character join a faction. We're very tired of gigantic inconsistencies and plot holes occurring just because people were too lazy to learn about the lore.
  17. No metagaming. Your character can't "just know things". If a roleplayer tells you a secret/plot twist/etc. about their character outside of a roleplay, your own character doesn't automatically know said secret/plot/twist/etc. You must ask the other roleplayer if your character can figure it out.
    1. No your character can't find out about Mage being biologically female.
      1. On a *completely unrelated* note, men have longer eyelashes than women.
  18. You can't roleplay as a character from another already existing canon (characters from books, TV shows, movies, video games, etc.). It must be an original character that you created yourself.
    You can ask us if you can if you REALLY want to and have nobody else to roleplay as, since we know that for some people it can be hard to create unique original characters, but don't be surprised if we tell you you can't. The fun part of roleplaying and writing is that you develop your own characters and create intricate backstories and personalities for them. You can't do that if you roleplay as a character you didn't make yourself.
  19. Edgelords begone. PLEASE do not be edgy, PLEASE do not make your character's backstory overly tragic, and PLEASE do not use their tragic pasts as an excuse for their godmodding/randomly attacking other roleplayers/fourth wall breakage/being exclusive/refusing to interact with other characters/other rulebreaking. While tragic pasts aren't inherently bad, they can be difficult to pull off without sounding overtly emo. This can be a weird gray area - in the end it depends on the execution and whether their past truly developed your character, or is just unnecessarily dark in hopes of shocking others. Calm your tits, Ebony Raven Dark'ness Dementia Way.
    1. This game is not Eternal Moon or Darkened Dawn. Do not treat it like it is.
      1. Vampires and werewolves don't exist in TSWCAtS.
    2. Also, roleplays shouldn't devolve into a giant dick measuring contest. If someone else's character has something bad happen to them/their tragic backstory surfaces, don't intentionally try to "one-up" their struggles.
      1. "Your character broke their legs?! WELL MINE IS PARAPLEGIC!! HAH, GOTTEM!!"
      3. "Your character was abused as a child?! MINE WAS KILLED BY THEIR PARENTS AS A CHILD AND IS A GHOST!!"
      4. "Your character is an insomniac?! WELL MINE KILLED THE SANDMAN!!"
      5. "Your character has a cold?! MINE HAS CANCER!!"
      6. "Your character got up at 8 AM?! MINE GOT UP AT 7:58 AM!!"
        1. Come on, guys. You're better than this.
  20. Pay attention. Please make sure you read the other roleplayers' descriptions of their characters' actions and dialogue as thoroughly as you can. There have been many arguments and misunderstandings just because people skim over the other roleplayers' messages rather than paying actual attention.
    1. Don't ignore other peoples' attacks in combat. If you have a problem with the other character's actions, tell the roleplayer about it. DON'T just ignore their narration - it's unfair and extremely rude.
  21. Please don't roleplay as crack characters when the roleplay is meant to be serious.
    1. Don't turn perfectly fine roleplays into crack just because you are personally bored.
    2. Despite popular belief, TSWCAtS is not a sandbox for your crack creations. Roleplays are not generally supposed to be crack, and while some good, lighthearted humor is appreciated, there's a fine line between being silly and simply not taking the game seriously.
      1. I don't mean to sound like I've got a massive stick up my ass, but somewhere along the lines a misconception started that TSWCAtS is all crack; all the time. This is kind of insulting to all of the work we've put into the stories. Sure, the mood can be lighthearted and pretty silly sometimes, but there's a difference between humorous moments/characters and straight-up not taking the game seriously. I don't know if this started because I roleplay as Mage so frequently, but Mage isn't a crack character. He has an entire story and arc of his own - he just happens to also have a sense of humor and a loud personality. He isn't constantly breaking the fourth wall, nor does he completely exist as a joke. Unless you view Avatar: The Last Airbender as a stupid joke or crack fic, you probably shouldn't view TSWCAtS as one, either.
      2. Yes, Wrath is an actual, legitimate threat and should be treated as such. They're just so terrifying that I'd be breaking several of my own rules if their dynamic wasn't at least a little bit silly.
  22. Don't break the fourth wall unnecessarily. This can be funny sometimes, but when overdone it's just irritating and out of place. Don't disrupt the flow of the roleplay.
  23. Don't roleplay as other people's characters, or otherwise "control" the actions or dialogue of other roleplayers' characters. This should be an unspoken rule of roleplaying, but depressingly we've seen a few people do it. x_X
  24. No mercy for the wicked. If you're a misogynist, homophobe, transphobe, racist, nazi sympathizer, general bigot, etc, you'll be banned without any hesitation.
    1. Swearing is fine (if you manage to circumvent the filters), but hateful slurs outside of roleplays are not permitted no matter what the context is. If your character uses a derogatory slur in a roleplay, it shouldn't be glorified or treated as a good thing.
  25. If you ask for admin or building tools, I will shit on your car.
  26. If you're on team create, ASK BEFORE YOU BUILD ANYTHING. Even if you plan to remove it from the game later, please be courteous and inform me!
  27. Using "would" incorrectly is a violation of intergalactic law.
    1. Example: "Mage would shriek upon seeing the heretic use 'would' incorrectly." vs. "Mage shrieked upon seeing the heretic use 'would' incorrectly." or "Mage shrieks upon seeing the heretic use 'would' incorrectly."
      1. The first example is not a proper form of tense. It doesn't matter whether you use past or present tense, or even write your narrative within asterisks, but please do not use this weird, garbled trend that I like to refer to as "hypothetical-because-I'm-insecure-that-we're-playing-pretend-and-I-need-to-clarify-that-I-indeed-know-this-roleplay-is-fictional-by-constantly-reaffirming-it-via-prefacing-everything-with-'would'-tense".
        1. It can be argued, "But Proxy! It IS hypothetical! The roleplay isn't real!", and sure, that's true in theory, but everyone knows that. You don't have to constantly be breaking everyone's immersion just because you're an insecure jagoff about playing adult "pretend". Furthermore, fantasy novels just like TSWCAtS are fictional, but they're never written in this form of tense, because everyone already understands they're fictional.
      2. We won't usually nitpick your grammar since roleplaying is just for fun - not an English class assignment - but this isn't a typo, this is a fad that for some reason a lot of roleplayers think is correct and I want to discourage it. Particularly because a lot of roleplayers aspire to become writers - even as a hobby - I feel it's important they know it's not a proper writing style. It just takes the other roleplayers right out of the story, and to try and publish a book in this tense would (ahuhuhuhu) be asinine.
      3. TL;DR: "Would" is only to be used in truly hypothetical situations, such as - "Had life dealt a different hand, would their harrowed eyes belong to him?"

Commands I'd prefer you not use unless your name is Princess Starcheeks

  • Any gear-related commands. Gear in general is not allowed.
  • Anything that causes explosions.
  • disco - even if you do ":disco me", it'll still show up for everyone in the server. It'll break the skybox when you do :undisco so please refrain unless I tell you otherwise.
  • btools
  • freaky
  • fogend/:fogstart/:fogcolor/literally anything to do with the fog
  • time
  • clone (Seriously. Stop doing this. Do you want mass-lag for everyone?
  • sm