Rayne Ravyne, formerly known as Rayne Falconias, is a canon character in the TSWCAtS roleplays and books, made by Jessica.

Physical Description

Humanized Rayne

Humanized Rayne. Adorable, isn't he?

Age: 18
Species: Siophra
Race: Probably German and Italian.
Skin tone: Bright turquoise.  
Hair Color: Deep brownish red.
Hairstyle: Shoulder-length, slightly wavy at the bottom.
  Facial Features-
Nose: Blunt
Face Shape: Heart.
Cheekbones: Low.
Brow: Soft arch.
Color: Bright yellow, glow a little bit.
Shape: Round.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 118 lbs.

Personal Information

Personality type: Kind, shy, sweet, has little faith in himself, yet still strong deep down. (Though he has a split personality- so if you manage to get him mad he'll be the exact opposite.)
Sexuality: Bicurious.
Do they play any sports? Rayne? Play sports? AHAHAHAHA!
Do they play any instruments? Sing? He plays piano, and I think he'd be a good singer.
Are they artistically talented? He can paint pretty well.
Are they a Leader or a Follower? He doesn't think he is, but he's a leader.
Food: Ramen.
Drink: Juice of any sort.
Animal: Bunny.
Color: Purple.
Type of Music: Classical.
Genre of books: Anything sweet.
Place: His little cottage in the woods.
Career: Thief, pirate captain.
Are they happy in their job? Sometimes. He sometimes feels guilty stealing from people, being nice as he is.
Do they have any serious hobbies? He would if people heard him playing piano, but nobody pays attention...
Who do they live with? Nobody, but his friend Yuna is at his house so often she almost lives there.
Are they married? No.
Do they have children? No.
Are they in a romantic relationship? Yes, but they don't act very romantic if you ask me.
Who is/are their love interests? Yuna, his childhood friend, who is in fact his girlfriend. She was a thief when she was a kid as well as him and a girl named Red Eyes. They had lots of adventures together, and Yuna often saved him from many things. They had been fond of each other for quite awhile, but they were both quite afraid of admitting it. They sealed the deal at Yuna's coronation -- they kissed on the balcony.
Is someone in love with them? He has a fangirl named Sophia.
Do they know about the love? Yes. She tacklehugs him often.
What is their relationship with their parents like? He has no idea who his father is and his mother was an abusive psychopath who wanted to murder him.
Siblings?: He has a younger sister named Lanave, who he is unsure of where she is, but he misses her. He also has an older brother named Olu, who is a royal guard that loves his little brother, but wishes that he wasn't a thief as he finds it disgraceful.
Mother's name: Tira
Father's name: Falcon
Siblings' names: Lanave and Olu.
Do they have any pets? Yes.
Names and species: A strange little silver winged creature named Pit.

Childhood friends: Yuna Darkrayne, and Red Eyes Blue Dragon.
Were their parents ever divorced? Most likely.
If so, how old was the character? He is unsure.
Was the character ever abused? Yes.
If so, by who? His mother, Tira.
What kind of abuse? Being beaten, spanked, cut, or whipped if he didn't do what he was told, being underfed, being not fed at all if he even made the slightest mistake, being treated as a slave, not being cared for when he was ill, being given very dangerous jobs that were supposedly "daily chores".
How long did the abuse continue? Until he was 10 years old.
How was it stopped? He ran away from home with his sister, but eventually he got mad at her for something very silly and switched personalities. This caused Rayne to try to slash at Lanave's face with a knife, so she ran away.
What was their relationship with Grandparents? He has never met them.
Have they lost a Grandparent? He does not know.
Aunt/Uncles? He has never met them, either.


Does the character have any psychological disorders? His split personality is more of a magical curse than an actual disorder, so that doesn't count. He has dyslexia, though.
Personality disorders? Nope.
Borderline personality disorders? Nope.
Eating disorders? Nope.
Do they self-injure in any way? If so, what method? He does not.
Why? He doesn't.
Do they have any addictions? Does ramen count?
Religious beliefs-
What religion does the character identify with? He hasn't really had time to think of religion.
How does the character practice this faith? N/A
When did they find their faith? Were they born into it? N/A
Does their faith cause any problems? N/A
Are they ever persecuted? N/A

Any Other Notes

So, for this explanation of Rayne's backstory, I will refer to him as "Raven", Yuna as "Hawk", Red Eyes as "Vireo", and Lanave as "Dove". Here you go.

This is the story about Raven. He has a split personality...sometimes he's the kindest, sweetest boy you've ever met. Other times, he's a vicious monster that is feared by his own sister, Dove.

Dove wasn't always afraid of him. She and Raven were the greatest of friends when they were children. Their mother was insane, cruel, and abusive. Raven was never a very healthy child. If he even made the slightest mistake on what his mother told him to do, even during the many times he was ill, he would be punished- severely.

Dove gave Raven hope, however. When Raven was sick she would stay by his bed and make sure he stayed warm and comfortable, and also make sure she got all of his chores got done without their mother knowing he was bedridden and not doing them. When Raven was struggling through the terrible work their mother forced him to do, Dove would support him and help as much as she could. Even during his terrible mood switches, Dove stuck by him, and even prevented his split personality from activating with her pure kindness.

Sometimes their mother would try to separate them. She found it amusing to mentally and physically "break" her children, and when they were together it was harder to drain them of all hope and happiness. But nothing would drive them away from each other. Raven and Dove were inseparable.

Frustrated, the mother decided that if she couldn't have them both be driven to insanity and depression, having one would be better than none. She hatched a plan to have Dove taken away. Raven overheard her talking to the man who was to kidnap Dove by surprise, though, and warned his sister immediately. They wasted no time and ran away to the forest without even packing their few belongings.

When they got to the forest they ran right into a dark-haired, red-eyed little girl. She introduced herself as Vireo and showed them to her own little camp in the woods. Raven and Dove explained that they were running away from home, so Vireo decided to take the siblings in. Dove questioned why she lived by herself at such a young age, so Vireo explained that she was a homeless, nomadic thief and that if Dove and Raven wanted to live with her for a very long time they would have to help her steal food, clothes, and other necessities. For Vireo, it was a simple chore and nothing more. Raven understood, seeing as how young and poor Vireo was, she didn't really have a choice.

Dove, however, stuck to her morals and refused to dirty her identity by performing petty theft. She also disapproved of Vireo and Raven breaking the law and didn't want to see them steal. Vireo and Raven would have been okay with that as they could also understand why thievery is bad and against the law. But Raven's personality switched before they could even talk it over.

Their argument was short. Maybe it was Vireo's fault for leaving her hunting knife out, or quite possibly Dove's for being stubborn, or perhaps Raven really was the only one to blame. He took Vireo's hunting knife right out of her hands and approached his sister.
"Don't want to see us steal, do you?" he laughed cruelly. "Well, you won't have to, then!"
He struck his sister straight in the eye. Her piercing scream must have awoken all of the animals nearby. Perhaps his other personality was aware of what was happening and couldn't handle it, but Raven passed out after that.

When he awoke, Vireo was very angry at him. She hadn't been aware of his split personality. Raven explained it quickly and nervously. He demanded where Dove had gone. Vireo informed him sadly that Dove had fled and probably was not to return.

Never had Raven felt such pain in his life. It felt as if a hole was in his heart. Through all of his childhood illnesses, through all the times his evil mother had beaten him, through all of the bitter work he was forced to do, he had never, ever felt this discouraged and empty. His sister was gone. The only person he had ever truly cared for was gone. He had hurt his sister, and it was his turn to be in pain.

Vireo tried her hardest to comfort him, but over the next few weeks Raven grew rather quiet and reserved, and quite paranoid of his mother finding him. But these terrible emotions finally disappeared one fateful day.

Another girl was in the woods, and Raven met her one day when he was going on a walk. She was beautiful. Her sleek black hair was to the ground. Her eyes were like blue crystals. She was playing with a stick, evidently pretending it was a blade. She smiled at Raven, introduced herself as Hawk, and invited him to play with her. He accepted, though of course he was rubbish with weapons. He started feeling extremely weak while they were playing, though, and decided to go back to his and Vireo's camp.

It was starting to snow and Raven was shivering violently. He felt as if he was being watched. He shook off the strange feeling, though, and kept walking. His fears were not in vain, however, as a wolf came out of the shadows and attacked him!

He was knocked to the ground by the wolf and was unconscious. The wolf probably decided that he didn't taste good, as it fled back to where it came from. The snow started falling more rapidly. Raven was soon partially buried. He would have died, but Hawk found him and carried him back to her own camp.

Like Vireo, Hawk had no home. She didn't travel as much as Vireo, and kept a tiny camp in the woods. She knew that if Raven was ill and injured that her tiny camp probably wasn't enough to heal him, but it was all she had and she knew she needed to try. She cleaned his wounds and tried to keep him warm.

When Raven woke up, he didn't open his eyes. Either his fever was causing him to hear voices, or Hawk was singing to him while he slept. Either way, he knew that if he opened his eyes the wonderful sound would stop. He imagined that he was back at home with his sister. He imagined that he just had a silly cold and that Dove was next to him while he slept, singing to him softly. He imagined that his mother had been maimed by a wolf and no longer was there to order him around like a slave. 

The singing stopped abruptly, but Raven kept his eyes shut and kept thinking these wonderful thoughts, imagining that Dove was there instead of Hawk...until an involuntary shiver ran through his spine as he felt Hawk's pretty lips brush against his forehead...

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