Pumkin family photo

Pumkin with his family! Fun times !

Opheais best garder

Ofeilia's Best gardener!

What did I just read

Pumkin's view on the pumpkin spice epidemic.

Baby Pumkins first basce ball

Pumkins baby photo with his first baseball. SO CUTE !

Amor pumkin

Pumkin in his best armor!

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Buff Pumkin

Pumkin with out his shirt on

Physical Description

Age: 23

Species: Cucurbitales

Race: Rosanae

Skin tone: orange

Hair Color: orange-red

Hairstyle: Pumpkin like

Clothes: Pumpkin  wears whatever her feel like that day

   Facial Features-

Nose: carven

Face Shape:  square

Brow: on fleek


Color:  black

Shape: Almond shaped.

Height: 5’4

Weight: 150 Ib


Accent: a distinct plant accent  

Pitch: low and slow

Personal Information


Personality type: A Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon- roll

Sexuality: prefer not to stay

Clique (If in school): The gardeners

Do they play any sports? Nope.

Do they play any instruments? None

Are they artistically talented? Not really

Are they a Leader or a Follower? Follower, but Pumpkin won’t follow you off a cliff  


Food: Water

Drink: Mineral water

Animal: Cats

Color: orange and green

Type of Music: Classical

Genre of books: Information/non fiction

Place: The garden


Career: Seed curator

Are they happy in their job? Pumpkin loves it. He gets to me all sorts of new plants.

Do they have any serious hobbies? EX-STREAM gardening

If they own a car, describe it: nope.

Family/ Relations

Who do they live with? Pumpkin lives with plants

Are they married? No.

Do they have children? No.

Are they in a romantic relationship? Nope.

Who is/are their love interests? None

Is someone in love with them? Unknown

Do they know about the love? Pumpkin doesn’t get romantic love

What is their relationship with their parents like? Loves his family !

Siblings?:  Has tons !!!!

Mother's name: Cucurbitaceae

Father's name: Cucurbitaceae

Siblings' names: How could you name all of them?

Do they have any pets? None


Childhood friends: The round pumpkin to the right of him

Were their parents ever divorced? Nope.

Was the character ever abused? Nope

What was their relationship with Grandparents? Good, it was very planty.

Have they lost a Grandparent? Yes, they were all  made into lattes !:(

Aunt/Uncles? Yes has some.


Does the character have any psychological disorders? Nope.

Personality disorders? Nope.

Borderline personality disorders? Nope.

Eating disorders? Yes, Pumpkin feels terrible when he eats plants and animals .

Do they self-injure in any way? Nope.

Do they have any addictions?nope

Religious beliefs-

What religion does the character identify with?  The god of nature and the god harvest. (basically death for him).

How does the character practice this faith? Give thanks to god nature and appeases the god of the harvest.

When did they find their faith? It was tot to him.

Does their faith cause any problems? Nope

Are they ever persecuted? Nope.

Any Other Notes Edit

He came to this land on this on a boat. Has a note book where he writes down stuff. Has super cool lock picking skills !He had some work experience as a sniper.