Princess Alice is a canon character, and the protagonist of Outcasts and Royals: Threaded Tales. She is the second oldest in her family - younger sister of Terririn, elder sister of Zora and Melody. Her cousins are Miraina and Todd Castellan, though she doesn't know them very well. Her best friend is Cassandra Servil, who she has known since childhood.

On the surface, Alice could be described as an everyman. The reader can easily put themselves in her position, and there is hardly anything that distances her from the reader. But she definitely does have some defining character traits that set her apart from being dull. She is mature and sensible when it is demanded, but has a sense of humor and can be right-brained when she wants to be. She can be somewhat introverted, she enjoys reading and usually has the entire palace library to herself, but it has been made clear that she takes comfort in knowing that she has friends that are willing to help her if she ever needs them, and if anything ever happened to them, she'd completely lose her nerve.

Alice is also very forgiving and knows the importance of love and unity. She knows that people should never take these things for granted and is often the one to explain this to others. Perhaps the experience of coping through Terririn's (feigned) death contributed to this - she only seemed to realize just how much she appreciated her once she was gone.

Alice is also a witch, but it is noted that she doesn't use her magic very often, even though she clearly knows a good deal of it. Why this is is never actually explained, but she does use her magic in dire situations.

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