Munne Servil is a canon character in both TSWCAtS roleplays and the book series, made by Jessica. She was among the main characters in Outcasts and Royals: Threaded Tales.

Munne was born in Anima Town as the eldest of six siblings. Her father, Sonne Servil, is an Aethereus, and so is Munne. The rest of her siblings didn't inherit this trait, however. She was especially close to her father because of this - though he was sun-connected and she was moon-connected, they could understand each other like not many others could - both the misery and beauty of being Aetherei.

But neither of them knew what Aetherei were at first - they both assumed that it was a magical curse of some sort.

All Other Information

Physical Description

There s no mercy in battle by yunadarkrayne-d8n9n9b

Munne Servil in Soul Calibur V. C'mon, she's a hottie~!

Age: 21
Species: Moon-connected Aethereus.
Race: It's hard to tell. Possibly Egyptian.
Skin tone: Tan, slightly red-tinted. 
Hair Color: Platinum blonde, nearly white.
Hairstyle: Very short, straight, and somehow soft-looking. Covers her left eye and the X-shaped scar on her cheek.
Clothes: Dark blue turtleneck dress without sleeves, rather short skirt on the dress, and a black jacket. Long black boots.
  Facial Features-
Nose: Somewhat long.
Jaw: Angular.
Cheekbones: Prominent.
Brow: High, arched.
Color: Light gray, very glassy. Slightly milky-looking pupils. Often seems to be staring blankly into space,
even when just talking to people.
Shape: Downturned, almost almond shaped.
Height: 6'4-6'5
Weight: 159 lbs.
Accent: British.
Pitch: Deep.

Personal Information

Personality type: Somewhat tomboyish, friendly, usually energetic. Strict, though she prefers not to be. Extremely daring and the kind of person you could imagine walking up to the devil himself and asking if he had any flour she could borrow.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Do they play any instruments? Sing? Violin. She's a bad singer, though.
Are they artistically talented? Not really. The most she can draw is a crescent.
Are they a Leader or a Follower? Leader.
Food: Homemade apple cake.
Drink: Hot tea.
Animal: Zebra.
Color: Silver.
Type of Music: If it sounds cool, she likes it.
Genre of books: Anything hilarious, clever, and well-written.
Subject (if they are in school): N/A
Place: Beach, particularly at night.
Career: Captain of the Royal Guard of her country.
Are they happy in their job? She's proud of her job, and enjoys being with the other guards, but she could definitely do
without having such a weird sleep schedule.
Do they have any serious hobbies? Violin, though she doesn't like to admit it. She thinks that the royal guards will think she's a sissy.
Who do they live with? Her sisters, brother, and mother.
Are they married? No.
Do they have children? No. Even though Munne DOES act very motherly to all the nice kids she meets.
Are they in a romantic relationship? No.
Who is/are their love interests? She's very fond of Terririn, the princess in the castle Munne guards.
Is someone in love with them? Yes, a royal guard named Daymien, but he hits on a lot of girls. (He likes Munne the most, though.)
Do they know about the love? It'd be impossible for her not to know; he sends her flowers all the time! (Even though they always get crushed.)
What is their relationship with their parents like? Very good. She was especially close to her father until he died. Except for that one time she was possessed by an evil moon spirit and shot her mother in the chest...
Siblings?: Yes, four sisters and a brother.
Mother's name: Erith Servil.
Father's name: Sonne Servil.
Siblings' names: Cassandra, Mary-Anne, Kat, Jane, and Alexander.
Do they have any pets? Yes.
Names and species: A huge Maine Coon cat named Elsie.
Childhood friends: Terririn, the princess of the country that Munne now guards, and Bonnie, a girl that was much too rebellious for her own good.
Were their parents ever divorced? Nope.
If so, how old was the character? N/A
Was the character ever abused, majorly manipulated, or immensely taken advantage of? In a way.
If so, by who? Mary-Anne, Munne's sister.
What kind of abuse? By stealing Munne's cloak, money, and anything even mildly valuable she had with her when the girls would go to school. This left Munne freezing every day in winter and fall, without the money to buy a school lunch from a nearby vendor, and without many of her cherished belongings. 
How long did the abuse continue? From when Munne was 8 years old to when she was 12 years old.
How was it stopped? Their mother found out and spanked Mary-Anne.
What was their relationship with Grandparents? Munne was very close to her paternal grandparents, who adored her as a child. Her maternal grandparents, though, were overly religious and they didn't contact them very much.
Have they lost a Grandparent? No, but her great grandparents are all dead.
Aunt/Uncles? Her father's brother is kind of psycho, so they're not in contact with him. All of her mother's siblings are, like her maternal grandmother, overly religious and hard to communicate with.

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