Physical Description Edit

Karliah can be confused for an Albino, though she's not. She is very pale due to her being underground all the time.

Age: 18 - 25

She is ambidextrous (able to use both hands equally)

-Hair, and eye color

She has sky blue eyes, and long white hair.

Karliah is quite thin, too. She is 5'6.

Voice: She has a very low, hoarse voice. She sometimes clears her voice via magic, but that's only for a short while. She has an almost Canadian accent.

Personality / Personal Information Edit

She were born in a very fragile house hold. Both of her parents suffered from Agoraphobia, Fear of the outside world, both physically and socially. One day, her parents and brother disappeared. She had to fend for herself in the lonely world. Fast forward many years later. She is an intelligent and silent engineer. She creates many robots and spreads them across the land, to experience the world for her with out herself actually being there.

Social Edit

She has no social life whatsoever. She has had little to no human contact. Romantically, she has never experienced anything other than a relationship with her brother, which she forgot due to a memory block. She is in a relationship with Circe DonRosen.