Johnathan Hint is a non-canon character in the TSWCAtS roleplays, created by Leo.

Overview Edit

John was a royal protector of a high council member (who is also his sister), Vera. Quartz - his brother - is a well respected lawman, and has a striking appearance. John is somewhat handsome, himself. Being framed for a heinous crime he didn't commit, he is cursed to walk the planet, marked as Fallen. There, happy with this BS backstory?

Characteristics / Traits Edit

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Characteristics Edit

John was a sensible, friendly young and naive man with loving siblings, and friends alike. After recruitment in a few godawful wars, though, John became a physically conflicted, mentally broken, and hardened man. He shows no remorse or mercy, but can be quite friendly if caught at the right moment. For his friends, however, he shows unconditional loyalty and love, and even more so to his fiance', Aqua.

Personal Information Edit

John has been in one marriage, with a demon named douche bag mcgee. He has had several children, and may have even adopted an Ether and a Caelum. Though, he has found true love with his life-long (longing?) thought, Aqua.