Life Edit

Vasilyev is not as cute as this portrays him.

Vasilyev shouldn't be this cute, but meh.

Doctor A. Vasilyev is an inventor born in Columbia of a middle class family in a small area of the city. His father Maximillian L. Vasilyev contributed to projects such as the development of the Motorized Patriot. Most of the day Vasilyev's father wasn't home. And when he was, Vasilyev would take small peeks at what his father was doing. Vasilyev was temporarily put in an orphanage without interacting with anyone but a few pepole in that orphanage would later become his friends. And it would take a long while before Vasilyev would take any interest in engineering.

Vasilyev started to get more interest in engineering over years. He started to become more of a troublemaker than a fine kid. Always sneaking out and keeping his eyes on the steamships and how it worked. After five years he attended the University, Inginerie și Arte Plastice. He studied engineering, literature, and fine arts. His father helped him understand the use of steampower and its longlasting fuel on most machines. Two years later Vasilyev decided to focus on engineering and dropping everything else. He developed a small machine using simple thin hyrdaulics, bolts, metal joints, and a belt. He decided to call it " The Jumper " Supposedly the machine enabled him to walk slightly on a faster pace, jump higher, and jump farther but the machine would usually break down.

Vasilyev finished college and graduation school after six years and receieved a scholarship in engineering. Vasilyev got a job as a small engineer before receiving an award for Hydrualic Engineering. Vasilyev was approached by a few men shortly after that to work on a project which was meant to create the first luxury steamship with three others, Alastair Zerringer, Cameron Thornwood, and Madison Ingineries. Both workers Cameron and Madison respected Vasilyev's work and were often listening to his ideas.

Cameron Thornwood

Cameron Thornwood

Although Alastair Zerringer's title for most treasured scientist was taken and his ideas were often stolen by Vasilyev while working on the project as Alastair was given the lowest rank. Often Cameron and Madison did not care and ignored Alastair's work which would be very important in the development of the steamship.

Madison Ingineries

Madison Ingineries

Later Life Edit

Colbalt Night, Vasilyev's friend.

Colbalt Night, a friend of Vasilyev.

Alastair went missing after the project's completion and Vasilyev took a ride on the steamship before claiming in his journal " Strange sky tones, and flashes " Vasilyev was later reported missing and he woke up on a medical ship heading towards TSWCAtS/Eltalor. He later met Colbalt Night and befriended him. Vasilyev started a trading center with Colbalt until the war started. He joined Renegade with Colbalt Night and designed machinery and weaponry. Colbalt later on presented to Vasilyev a prophecy hidden inside a cylindrical object that could possibly judge what whill happen in the war. Not so long after Vasilyev later went silent with Renegade and usually roams around TSWCAtS interacting with people and rarely works on machinery now.

Alastair Zerringer

Alastair Zerringer

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