Creepy Octopus was originally made in a game nobody knows about and/or cares about. She is almost as horny as her sister, Fabulous Octopus, however, she prefers women over men in that area. Her personality is very similar to her sister's, but Creepy's ego is larger than your rich kid neighbor's house. She is perfectly fine with incest and polygamy. She is thought to be dead by her old childhood friends, but using her totally-not-a-mary-sue powers, she came back to life and now hides under the cloak of being edgy and running away from her problems.

She often wears a private school uniform-esque outfit, the kind you dare not lean down in. The front part of her hair is a pastel pink with a large black streak. The remaining is teal, and often put up in pigtails. Her skin is tinted lavender, and her eyes are the color of the inside of a black hole.

She is the first-born of the octopi.

Creepy- The Orgins

Ever wonder where Creepy originated?