Colbalt is a character in the TSWCAtS roleplays, created by Leo.

Overview Edit

sing a lullaby on a sympathy-filled breath

“It’s for you, mon cher.”

you grew unwell without me, didn't you?


my bad, but I’m back now.

frankly an idiot for leaving home.

first time since august

guess you were right

about pathogens pervading the outside air.

“Sluts catch colds.”

my lullaby cracked.

“What if I left?”

“My blood would be on your hands.”

sing an aubade on a labored breath

“Well, at least I can spend more time with you!”

smile with bleeding lips.

opaque fever still stickied to my eyes.

you clutch my hands too tight

and after that my arms

and after that my shoulders

and after that my breasts

till the bandages

all come off at your acidity.

“Well, if I am getting sick, let’s cuddle!”

my aubade cracked.

“What if I died?”

“My blood would be on your hands.”

sing a nocturne on a rattling breath

“I’m always happy when I’m with you, too.”

my smile was all wrong, though.

and my face was flushed

not blushed, flushed

pale and blotchy-hot

it was obvious

the scars on my arms

the blisters on my lips

the bruises on my calves

“Our love is God.”

my nocturne cracked.

fevered delirium into malicious lucidity

So be it.

sing a lone sonata on a soulful breath

“It was definitely a suicide.”

for once with a lungful of outside air -

one that hasn’t been contaminated

with whatever that rancid cologne you had was, anyways.

fascinating, really

briskly the symptoms dissipated

after driving a rusty sickle into the disease's esophagus.



“You’re free to go.”

rot in hell, luv.