Colbalt is a canon character in the TSWCAtS roleplays, created by Leo.

Overview Edit

Colbalt is a blue cinnamon bun that deserves the world and is tortured far too often by us sadistic writers Blu. Please give him all of the warmth and cuddles you can muster, for he deserves it.

Character Traits / Personality Edit

- Colbalt can be somewhat excitable, but has a mundane vibe half of the time.

- Colbalt tends to keep to him self, and avoids social interactions besides normal interactions in his bakery.

- Colbalt is a very loving friend, and a highly compassionate love, though few have ever known.

- Colbalt is bisexual.

Background Information Edit

Colbalt is the brother of Circe DonRosen, separated from his sister near her birth. Colbalt spends the next four years in a dystopian underwater city, then escaping to the sea, and being captured by a pirate vessel, being dropped off at an Ofeilian orphanage at age eight.. Colbalt meets life long friend, Mage Ofeilia, at the orphanage. They quickly become acquainted with one another, Colbalt totally not developing feels for her. He is adopted by two strange men at the age of twelve. Before he knew it, Colbalt was in a strange floating city, miles from the ground. It is unsure of when Colbalt came back down from the city, but he has at least spent five years in his current home in Eltalor.

Colbalt runs the Anima town bakery, the Down Under. It was formerly part magic shop, too, but we don't talk about that.

Appearance Edit

- Species - Angel / Fairy

- Age - 23-27

- Height - 6'0 - 6'3

- Weight - 120-140

- Skintone - light Sky Blue

- Eye Color - Light Gray

- don't ask me why, but he's a perky B cup

Personal Information Edit

Colbalt is Mage Ofeilia's fiance. (but in reality, he's lonely boy) I will literally edit-lock this page Leo ok am sorry :(

Colbalt has three children - Mia, Lapis, and Katriana.

His brother, Bluesteel, runs the Anima town forgery.

Colbalt's birthday is August 18th

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