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Circe DonRosen is a canon character in both the TSWCAtS roleplays and books, made by Jessica. She almost made an appearance in Outcasts and Royals: Threaded Tales, but was cut out of it at last minute before publishing as her story didn't really relate to the other ones, therefore wasn't "threaded" to the others, and would contradict the title of the book.

She lives outside of TSWCAtS, or at least she did when she was a child, which is very evident in her story when she was bullied constantly by the villagers for her strange complexion as an albino, which would contradict the way that the TSWCAtS citizens are all for equality and peace. The setting of her stories is never actually said, but it may be some area in Ofeilia, which would make sense because of her friendship with Mage

Later on she obviously lives in a different setting than TSWCAtS or even Ofeilia, because there's clearly a near modern-style arcade that she goes to constantly, and Ofeilia has a lore that makes it seem like it's from the 1480s. Either way, she still visits TSWCAtS regardless of her stories obviously taking place in an unknown setting.


Circe - also known by her middle name, Wish - was born with a very strange appearance; with pure white hair and skin, and livid, blood-colored pinkish red eyes framed by long white eyelashes. Albinos were unheard of in the country she was born in, and therefore her appearance was quite abnormal and frightening to the civilians. But even Circe's facial features were somehow strangely shaped, quite beautiful and delicate once you got over the shock of seeing such a face, but still incredibly unearthly and bizarre.

She never knew the story behind her birth. The woman who took her in when she was an infant refused to tell her anything other than that she was adopted. She made it very clear that she was not related to Circe and was therefore not responsible for her horrid appearance, in which she often berated her for being born with such a pallor. The woman wouldn't even let Circe call her "mother" - she was to refer to her as "Mistress Hecate". She treated Circe like a lowly servant and punished her harshly (generally by beating the small girl) if she ever showed any signs of rebelling. 

Hecate tried to keep Circe hidden away in her home at all times. If she ever tried to sneak out, she would be beaten. Hecate didn't want anyone to know that she was the caretaker of what looked like a young demon. She told Circe that the village was a dangerous place to try and keep her home, far too dangerous for frail little girls. But Circe pleaded with her mother. She was tired of being kept a secret. She wanted to attend school. She had a thirst for knowledge. Eventually Hecate gave consent, on the condition that she let nobody follow her home and wore a hood to conceal her hair and face the entire time she was out.

But of course at school the teachers were friendly to the girl and encouraged her to remove her hood. She gave in. When she did so, however, everyone saw her demonic pallor and grew frightened of her and avoided her at all costs - even the teachers were extremely unsettled by her and treated her like she was inferior. Soon enough, nearly everyone in town knew of the demon child called Circe Wish. 

Hecate was very angry at her adoptive child for this. She grew even more bitter with Circe and began to neglect her as well as beat her. As terrible as she always had been to Circe, she had always made sure that she at least had enough to eat and was cared for when she was unwell. But even this changed when all the town knew that Hecate was the mother of the child demon. Word also got out that Hecate was an illegal witch, although even the royal guards were too afraid to confront her, since if her child was a demon, surely the dreaded witch Hecate was as well?

One day Circe - who at this point chose to only go by her nickname, Wish, as it now had a new meaning to her (her deep hopes and wishes that somebody would accept her) - decided she had had enough of her mother. Hecate neglected her and berated her more than she ever had, and Wish wanted out of the dreadful situation. She was starving, her clothes were dirty and beginning to tear, and she was tired of being beaten and feeling so much pain all the time. The moment her bruises and cuts healed, her mother would add more and more. So Wish made her decision: She had to run away.

Lots of children do say that they'll run away and try to in a tantrum, but in reality they always have to come back in the end, but Wish legitimately didn't care if she had to be a homeless beggar if it meant ending her pain. She was neglected so much that she hardly cared that she would have to steal or beg for food to live - at least she wouldn't be clouted every time she made a silly mistake.

All Other Information

Physical Description


CiRcE dOnRoSeN

Age: 19
Species: She appears to be a regular albino human, but it's never really clear. Her knowledge of sorcery is very, very advanced for a mere human - being able to create an entire separate reality with her very mind, of all things. Her physical strength is far below average for even a human, however, so she's not entirely a deity-like being if she's not just an immensely advanced sorceress, seeing as deities have near unlimited power. Circe's species has always been an enigma, especially for her. When she was a child she was often accused of being a demon for her strange appearance, which was even odd looking for a normal human with albinism. She always insisted she was no more and no less than a human, but deep down, she's very confused about just what she may be.
Race: Hispanic.

or Russian.

or Mexican.


you know what, screw this, she's not even human.

Skin tone: Snow-colored, even glows a little bit.
Hair Color: It changes frequently between platinum blonde, half blonde and half light pink, black, cotton candy ombre, stardust ombre, and bright cyan blue. When she was a child, it was just white. She either dyes it or uses her magic...or maybe both, knowing her...
Hairstyle: Straight, asymmetrical all around and long in the back, with straight-across bangs that are at a kind of slant so they cover one of her eyes but not the other, which are cut halfway around her head like a bowl cut. 

W1 by yunadarkrayne-d9d81sc

Circe with cyan hair.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 148 lbs.

Face Shape: Heart-shaped.

     Eyes- Color: Normally one eye is bright cyan blue and the other is bright greenish turquoise, though sometimes when she's in the Reality she turns them bright reddish pink. They seem to have a strange sort of glow to them. 
Shape: Very narrow, almond-shaped, though her eyeballs seem to protrude a little bit more than usual, perhaps because of the glowing effect, or maybe they're just like that.

Voice- Strangely similar to GLaDOS's voice, though sometimes she can control it to sound like a regular human's. It often changes pitches depending on what she's saying, sometimes sounding very low and sarcastic, sometimes even emotionless, and other times very high and sweet. She vaguely has a Spanish accent.

Personal Information


Personality type: Circe has a bit of a strange personality. She's a bit of a nerd and quite the oddball, sometimes randomly saying things that sound like a load of nonsense until she explains it, as a result coming off as a complete lunatic on first impression. She's extremely intelligent (an utter genius), although, if you really do get to know her, and also very kind and empathetic. She also uses sarcasm frequently, often when people don't understand it. She can act boyish and masculine one minute, but then feminine and cutesy the next. She might be slightly genderfluid. She has a very unique personality.
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Do they play any sports? In The Reality, Circe created a sport that the Players can play to earn fame and fortune - of course exclusively within The Reality. It is known as Queen's Thief, consisting of a hill with fourteen different platforms on it where the Players must beat each other in an all-out sword fight in order to progress onto the next platform, and eventually to the fourteenth level of the hill, which has a crystal orb in the center that a Player must obtain to win. It starts out with the Players on the bottom level of the hill (the first platform). When a Player draws blood from their enemy, they can progress to the next platform, and so on until there are only two Players left that duel for the orb on the fourteenth level and one of them draws blood and wins. 

This is this only sport that Circe ever agrees to play...she's not the athletic type and tires easily, being somewhat sickly, even though her poor health is never obvious in the slightest.

Do they play any instruments? Sing? Circe can play the harp and could probably sing well if she bothered to try.
Are they artistically talented? Slightly.
Are they a Leader or a Follower? Leader...and does she know it...


Food: Melon.
Drink: Any caffeinated soda is fine.
Animal: Peacock.
Color: Rainbow.
Type of Music: Wubs.
Genre of books: Sci-fi all the way.
Place: The Reality; her virtual reality-esque world that she created herself as a sort of a shelter to those bullied and outcasted, and also just those that would like to have a break from the prejudice and discrimination that takes place in our own reality, or even just people who would like to experience being in a sort of a virtual reality. It behaves in a way similar to a modern-day RPG such as World of Warcraft or SWTOR.

Profession- Career: And I quote, "I am the mother####ing queen of the Reality. I am the authority. Deal with it."
Are they happy in their job? Absolutely.
Do they have any serious hobbies? No.

Family- Who do they live with? Despite spending most of her time in the Reality, Circe doesn't always live there. She does have a palace made of crystal that she often stays at in the Reality, but it's not her only home. She has a small, cozy house outside of the Reality that she shares with a girl named Axel.
Are they married? No.
Do they have children? No.
Are they in a romantic relationship? No.
Who is/are their love interests? She once felt attracted to a woman named Nitaka.
Is someone in love with them? Probably quite a few people. Colbalt Night, for instance.
Do they know about the love? No.
What is their relationship with their parents like? Her adoptive mother was very abusive and beat her often and ridiculed her for her demonic pallor. Circe loathed her, but Circe had figured out far too many of Hecate's secrets (such as that she was using magic in Ofeilia illegally), so Hecate knew that she couldn't let Circe run away - she knew too much and would certainly let the secrets slip and land Hecate in prison. She attempted to stop Circe from running away by acting sweet and motherly to her directly after their arguments, but it was fake, simpering sweetness, and really didn't convince her daughter.

Siblings?: She never knew of any siblings.
Mother's name: Hecate Donrosen (adoptive mother)
Father's name: Unknown/none
Siblings' names: Unknown/none
Do they have any pets? Yes...sort of.
Names and species: It looks like a glowing Japanese paper lantern with a face that just kind of floats around silently. It's hard to tell if it's even alive. Circe named it Adagio. 

W2 by yunadarkrayne-d9d81xx

Circe with blonde and pink hair.

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