Cadeka Calce - her real name being Spoopy Octopus, though she changed it when she was a teenager to seem more edgy - is the daughter of Idek and Deino. She came up with her name when she misheard the first lyrics of Ievan Polkka. Cadeka was always a lonely girl: Especially after realizing that she was made solely for the purpose of Circe telling a scary legend to Mage and Axel on a sleepover. Thanks to Circe's ambiguity regarding whether or not Cadeka is real - not to mention her pronouncing her name a different way every single time she was mentioned - Cadeka floats in between Entropy and TSWCAtS, unsure whether she should actually exist or not - thank you, Circe. Cadeka's legend, according to Circe, is as follows:

"There was once a little girl who lived in a very big city, and she felt really small compared to everyone else - and really alone...her name was Cadeka. One day when Cadeekey was coming home from school, she found she was covered in these little black fuzzy things...she started feeling sick, and she passed out on the sidewalk. Later, when she woke up, Caydickuh was in the hospital...they told her she would be okay, but she couldn't be cured, she would have to live a really weird, hazy life, like she was half-dead, hardly alive, like a ghost. Her appearance changed a lot, too...she looked like a monster - her lower jaw had to be replaced with a metal one with these weird...spikey things...I can't's been awhile since I last told the story...oops...anyways, Cuhdeckuh felt so alone, she was treated like a monster, everyone was afraid of she infected one person so she would have at least one friend... ...but then that one friend felt alone, so he spread it to someone else, and it created a domino effect, until everybody in that town had to live their lives as nothing more than a ghost...that town is still around - it's in the Myth Lands - but it's quarantined until they can find out just what happened to Calne C- I mean, Cadeka that day..."



Mage was absolutely repulsed by this story and immediately demanded they do karaoke instead, causing Circe to seem dejected. Axel simply yawned and said "LAAAAAME".

Little did Astral's Angels know, Cadeka was living a perfectly happy, nonexistent life in Entropy, spooping people with her mouth fingers, living in her mother's basement, high on Monster Energy drinks and playing Call of Duty 24/7, until she realized that, due to Circe's story, she was probably just an urban legend. This caused Cadeka quite the existential crisis and headache - should she go to Eltalor and exist like the rest of Jess's characters? Or should she stay in Entropy, where she's always belonged? And then there's the glaringly obvious conundrum: Was Circe just changing the name of Calne Ca so Mage and Axel wouldn't immediately recognize that she was basically summarizing "Bacterial Contamination", or did Circe mean a legitimate story focusing on Cadeka, who's totally a different person, right?

Tootsie Pop - The World May Never Know

Tootsie Pop - The World May Never Know