Early Life Edit

Atraske Sceptavius is a poor and unwealthy blademaster and blacksmith he was raised only by his father, Alvatakei Sceptavius because Atraske's mother died not too long after he was born. Atraske Sceptavius learned from his father how to use the blade at a very young age. But his father needed him to earn money to sustain the family. Atraske was able to attend school at the age of twenty after the family saved up. Atraske studied mathematics and astronomy for eight years including graduation school. He took interest in the instrument the cello after meeting another poor man who was playing the cello for money. He went to his parents and asked him if he could study how to play the cello.

Atraske Sceptavius

Present day Atraske, doesn't look like a bandit since he moved on.

His parents were reluctant to waste more money but they later accepted.

Mid Life Edit

When Atraske started playing cello at twenty two he was able to earn money to support the family. On some occasions the family could afford treats such as muffins and pies. His father got a job as a low rank guard member and fought against an invasion to the castle. He later on suffered major injuries, Atraske's father could not walk anymore. Eventually Alvatakei, his father died of appendicitis. His

Alvatakei Sceptavius

Alvatakei Sceptavius. Man the Sceptavius family has the closest looks.

family could not afford to invite people to a funeral.

Atraske's thoughts changed after his fathers death. When Atraske was twenty five he ran away and joined a group of bandits. It was a small group but Atraske was able to eat pretty good food everyday. Atraske's job was to raid other smaller camps and he did so. But after only one year of him being in the group. The camp was raided by a bigger group. Atraske fought back as the camp was engulfed in flames. He lost an eye in the process and the entire camp was in ruins.

Later Life Edit

Atraske wandered around TSWCAtS and earned some money from temporarily helping the guards duties with Munne Servil. Later on Atraske did not use currency but gathered metals and wood to make his own houses. He made a smithing area and continued to practiced the blade. Atraske began earning money by selling weaponry made of valuable metals he was able to find.

Atraske also assisted Mage Ofeilia on warning the royalty about the gypsies coming to TSWCAtS to corrupt the government. Atraske usually makes references to the internet vaguely inside roleplays. Atraske continues to live his life wandering and selling weaponry.

Munne Servil

Munne Servil, credit to Pony for image

Mage Ofeilia

Mage Ofeilia, credit to Pony for the image.