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Aetherei are a very rare race not too different from humans and regular wizards in TSWCAtS. The main trait of an Aethereus ("Aetherei" being the plural) is that their energy, power, strength, and general well-being comes from the light of the celestial bodies; the moon, the stars, and the sun.

They can sometimes be considered "celestial wizards", but they're actually a separate species as a whole, as wizards can't "learn" their magic and would have to be born as one. Aetherei actually came to TSWCAtS when three deities (the sun goddess, the moon goddess, and the star goddess) decided to have children with mortals. Every Aethereus is actually the descendent of one of the three goddesses.

Types of AethereiEdit

There are three different types of Aetherei depending on which goddess they descended from, the moon-connected ones, the sun-connected ones, and the rarer star-connected ones. Each type of Aethereus has their "weak points" and "strong points" in which their sources of energy are either very prominent or blotted out.

If an Aethereus decides to become a wizard or learn magic, they will find that they are capable of a type of ancient celestial magic that normal wizards are completely incapable of, depending on what type of Aethereus they are.

Here are the descriptions of the different types of Aetherei, what their strong/weak points are, and what kind of magic they can use.


Moon-connected Aetherei are the strongest on the full moon when the light is the brightest, and weakest on the new moon when it's completely dark. During all of the phases in between, the Aethereus will feel weaker and weaker with every phase when it's waning until they get past the new moon, and then better and better when it begins to wax. Their strength fading or growing in the in-between phases is hardly noticeable until the new moon or the full moon, where it just suddenly strikes them as either suddenly feeling absolutely horrible, or feeling extremely powerful and agile.

On the day and night of the new moon, they generally have to stay bedridden for the day and rest and relax for the following two. It normally causes a high fever and an ultimate feeling of weakness, sometimes even mistaking their loss of strength for influenza or another illness if they don't realize they're an Aethereus. On the day and night of the full moon, the Aethereus will feel better than they ever would normally, both physically and mentally. If they're already incredibly strong, they'll be nothing short of a one-person army, practically glowing with health and strength. 

If a moon-connected Aethereus becomes a wizard, they can use extremely advanced magic mainly based on the moon's elements, including healing, water, and ice.


Sun-connected Aetherei are strongest on cloudless days when the sun is fully visible, and weakest on extremely cloudy or rainy days. 

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